Unleash Your Creative Spirit!

Intuitive Painting Workshops

Safe & Accepting  •  No Critiques Ever!  •  No Art Experience Needed

Safe & Accepting
No Critiques Ever!
No Art Experience Needed

Always taking care of everyone else? 

How about a little YOU time?

Take a break from taking care of everyone else!  And give yourself the gift of doing something that’s only for YOU for a few hours.

This critique-free un-art class allows you to play with paint in a safe, accepting way that’s fun and impossible to get wrong.

It’s not about artistic technique, but about giving yourself complete permission and freedom to do and be whatever you want… on the paper.

Paint Your Way To More Freedom!

Dissolve unhelpful patterns & beliefs

Create a deeper connection to your intuition

Discover the joy of spontaneous creativity

Reveal and release blocks

Feel more peace and joy

Awaken a renewed openness to fresh possibilities

Hey! I’m Pamela…

I’ve been an artist since I could hold a crayon.  But throughout my life, I often found myself limited by self-criticism, people-pleasing and looking outside myself for how to do not only art, but all of life, ‘right’.

The magic of Freeflow Painting (also called intuitive painting or process painting ) has finally given me more freedom, aliveness and expansiveness than I ever imagined.

I’ve traveled all over the world to study with renowned teachers such as Michele Cassou, Flora Bowley, Chris Zydel and Cherie Ray for the past 15 years.

I’d love to share this powerful process with you!

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Pluff Mud Love
Pluff Mud Love
My first art experience of this style and it was absolutely amazing! It’s not a traditional technique or “painting” class. I would describe it more life therapy through playing with paint! Releasing piles of baggage, creating, expressing and playing uninhibited like a little child. Pamela’s facilitation is observant, nurturing and guiding by gently asking questions that assist in seeing where our own blocks to playfulness and joy lie. So much uncovered in this amazing experience that I will definitely want to continue to peel back more layers. 😊

Feedback from Painters…

Pamela is such a kind and accepting facilitator.  I always feel so safe to relax into the process without fear of judgement or being watched.  I have been able to let myself play like a child again!

Shelly B.

Somehow I am able to feel more open to my intuition when I’m in Pamela’s workshops than when I paint on my own.  She holds open a wide field of possibility that doesn’t usually seem accessible.  I feel a stronger connection to my intuition.

Jonathon T.

I was terrified of facing a blank paper but Pamela’s gentle guidance helped me feel comfortable.  I was painting like a child again!  I felt so much joy and energy that I haven’t felt in a very long time.  I’ll definitely be back!

Jordan S.

Say YES! to Yourself

Choose Your Adventure

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Come Just As You Are

No experience needed or
special materials to bring!

Relax & Have Fun

Explore intuition and creativity in a way that’s impossible to get wrong!

This Ain’t Your Typical Art Class

Most art classes are all about technique.  And that’s great!  But this is different.  It’s all about breaking the rules and just having fun with pure inspiration and creativity.

You don’t even need to be able to draw a straight line!

No artistic skill or knowledge is required. In fact, if you don’t have any you have an automatic advantage!

No one will look at or comment on your work - ever!

No need to fear critique or comments because there won’t be any!

You’ll benefit even if you’re a professional artist

Release creative blocks and rediscover pure creativity for it’s own sake.  This can only enhance your product work!

I’m afraid I won’t know what to paint

No worries, I will gently facilitate in a way that you will know exactly what to do every step of the way.

Let’s Do This!

Upcoming painting workshops in Charleston, South Carolina

MAY 25, 2024


No prior experience is necessary! Non-artists, beginners, wannabees and experienced artists are all welcome. 



Want to experience Freeflow Painting but too far from Charleston?  Not to worry!  Just find 5 committed friends, reach out to me and let’s talk! 🙂

1-on-1 YOU Time!

A personalized 2 hour session just for you!  Get hands-on individual facilitation in private.

Got Questions?

Here are some common questions.  Reach out if you are wondering something that’s not covered here.

Is this like a Paint & Sip class?

No.  While those events are a lot of fun, Freeflow Painting is very different in a several ways.  First, we are NOT trying to create a specific painting like in a Paint & Sip.  Second, there is no alcohol served or allowed.  And finally, we are each focused on our own unique interal process rather than chatting and socializing.

Can I bring or register my child?

At this time, Freeflow Painting is for adults only.  Classes for children may be added in the future, so stay in touch if you’re interested.  The adult workshops are for YOUR benefit so please come solo so you can focus only on yourself.  In fact, that alone is often a benefit for many busy parents!

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